Friday, December 12, 2014

What is a blog?

A Blog is a kind of weblog where people write their journals. Nowadays blog is used to share something informative to the world. It is written as posts. These days blog content consists of a Blog Title, Contents, Labels, Geo-Location, Time, etc. The use of blog has been widen.

The types of blog differ from categories or genres. Below are an examples of blog genres.

1. News Blog
2. Music Blog
3. Science & Technology Blog
4. Health Blog
5. Education Blog
6. Video Blog or Vlog
7. Personal Blog
8. Kids Blog
9. Shopping Blog
10. Review Blog (such as electronic gadgets revewing or movie revewing blogs)
11. Photography Blog or Photo Blog.
12. Traveller's or Travel Blog
13. Adult Blog
14. Nature Blog or Green Blog
15. Web Blog or Weblog
16. Internet Blog
17. Others....

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