Friday, February 3, 2017

2017 Web Programming

Web Development in 2017 | RABINSXP
This article is about “Web Development” for anybody who has zero knowledge about coding and wants’s to pursue their career in Web Development in 2017. This article will help who already know about web development kind of things and are working as front end developers. Before you start becoming a Web developer you should know about certain technologies involved in this process. Let me explain the things you should know to become a Web Developer.


Friday, December 12, 2014

How to create a blog?

This is not a new topic for all the bloggers out there but still there are lots of people who even don't know about blogging. Even if they know about blogging, they don't know about creating a new blog. So for all the newbie, BBB is now writing on how to create a new blog.

At first you need to learn about what a blog really is about. You can know here at A Blog.

There are already lots of tools that makes blogging easy. Here at BBB, you can now learn about some top Blogging Platforms. You can call it Blogging Tools. In this post all the free blogging applications or platforms are described. For Blog Hosting you can find out other post. Now let's learn how to create a blog on various platforms as described below:

1. (Blogspot) - Blogspot is a blogging platform or an application by Google which provides free blogging features. Though you have limites access on Blogspot, you can have a custom templetes. You can get a free domain like this: or you can redirect to custom domain like

2. (Wordpress Blog) - You can create a free Wordpress blog by visiting its website. Wordpress is a blogging tool. It basically uses PHP/MYSQL. You can get a free blog or have an application installed on your own server. You can always download Wordpress application from and have it installed on your web hosting.

These blogging platforms are the best blogging tools but there are others more blogging tools available in the web world. Such blogging platforms or tools will also be shared here at BBB.

If you have any kinds of blogging problems or such kinds, feel free to share with us. Just use the comment section below.

Till then, Happy Blogging!

What is a blog?

A Blog is a kind of weblog where people write their journals. Nowadays blog is used to share something informative to the world. It is written as posts. These days blog content consists of a Blog Title, Contents, Labels, Geo-Location, Time, etc. The use of blog has been widen.

The types of blog differ from categories or genres. Below are an examples of blog genres.

1. News Blog
2. Music Blog
3. Science & Technology Blog
4. Health Blog
5. Education Blog
6. Video Blog or Vlog
7. Personal Blog
8. Kids Blog
9. Shopping Blog
10. Review Blog (such as electronic gadgets revewing or movie revewing blogs)
11. Photography Blog or Photo Blog.
12. Traveller's or Travel Blog
13. Adult Blog
14. Nature Blog or Green Blog
15. Web Blog or Weblog
16. Internet Blog
17. Others....